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Blog Assignment:

Scenario 1 | Your company was just named one of the top 50 best companies to work for in your province. |

Date:1/23/14 | Subject: They’ve Done it Again |

| Time to pop the Champaign and begin to celebrate. For the 10th consecutive year, ABC Incorporated has been listed as one of Ontario’s top 50 employers. With their continuous growth and relentless dedication to their customers and employees, they have earned the spot once again this year. With 98% of employees stating they enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. Accompanied by their extremely low turnover rate, it is easy to see why ABC Inc was featured once again topping the list.In a statement earlier today “ABC Incorporated would once again like to thank all of our talented employees who make this amazing company so great and cheers to another successful year!” |

Scenario 2 | One of your company’s shipping vessels just capsized in the Gulf of St. Lawrence resulting in 3,000 liters of fuel to be dumped into the ecosystem. |

Date:1/24/14 | Subject: Disaster in the Gulf of St Lawrence |

| In the early morning on January 17, 14 one of ABC Inc’s shipping vessels capsized, leaking 3000 liters of oil into the Gulf of St Lawrence. Four people working on the ship have died and others injured as a result of the tragic accident. ABC Inc sincerely regrets the loss of life attributed to this disaster and recognizes the pain this has caused many families of the deceased and injured. ABC Inc also terribly regrets the impact this may have on the surrounding environment and ecosystems. Although all ABC Inc’s policies are in compliance with Federal codes, they will continue to investigate this accident and make sure their practices exceed regulations in the future, to avoid this situation from happening again.ABC Inc will continue to look after the workers involved financially as well as medically. Also, they are dedicated to leading the cleanup team to make sure they preserve the...