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Final Project Preview

My Topic:

| My Notes: |

Principle Issues of My Topic | Principle issues of my topic is defining and grasping the true meaning of the term moral. Also what is considered to be moral, and the one who decides what’s moral or not. |

Philosophies Related to My Topic | There are several philosophers who used philosophies that are similar to my particular topic. Philosophies of that used by Immanuel Kant and Georg Hegel in some ways relates to my topic. Kant believed in using rational and reason, and Hegel believed in morality and living by the truth. |

Misconceptions About My Topic | There are number of misconceptions about living by moral standards. A particular misconception on my topic believes that there is morality without God. Another general misconception is just grasping what’s considered moral. |

My Philosophy Up To This Point on My Topic | My philosophy up until this point is that individuals should live their lives by a set of moral standards. I believe that not living by a set of moral standards would be considered irrational and not real. I also believe that moral standards originated from God in order to keep people from doing what’s wrong. |

My Questions and Concerns About My Topic | One of the biggest concerns I have about my topic is making sure that I grasp the true concept of the topic. I very well want to present a thorough and well covered project. Therefore, I ask if I’m missing the true concept of the topic please elaborate and help to get me heading in the right directions. Other than for that, I believe I do not have in major concerns or questions. |