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Caleb Apperson

Assignment 2

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The Canada health care system is one of the top in the world, it is well respected around the world and even have some of the top medical facilities located here in Ontario in Hamilton and London. The health services that we have accessible to general public are free to every Canadian. How valuable that is sometimes forgotten and the services are over used and taken advantage of. For example: “in 2005, the average total payment for back surgery in the United States was $26,515.  Coronary artery bypass surgery averaged $45,438,” (Fay) these cost can distractily effect families lives in the United States.

The issue of health services being abused by over usage is often brought up when looking at improving the system. The idea of trying to help the system to function more efficiently is to start charging people for the health services or moving them to the bottom of the listen depending if you have a health issue that is seen as preventable from habits such as smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, nutrition, obesity. The argument that the reason for most of their medical issues are a direct spin off from a unhealthy lifestyle and possibly could have been prevented by taking better care of themselves is valid however turning them away or charging money is the opposite of what we as Canadians pride ourselves in and are promised from our country. The reasons for some of these poor health choices will vary from person to person, with some being a result of being a result of being abused, trauma, mental illness, lack of knowledge about health choices/eating etc. self-confidence, weight issues so it not fair to deny health care on this basis alone. In order to decide if someone is eligible for healthcare a criteria would have to be made to evaluate and essentially judge the individuals life style and determine if they are worthy of the health treatment without cost and being put on the list equal to everyone else....