Opportunity Favors Those Who Work Hard

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Opportunity favors those who work hard. Lincoln Wu

The opportunity to get promoted and become a manager of a business corporation favors those employees who are willing to commits their time and effort to actively engage in the operation of their workplace. It may seem evident that rewards come at a price. To be promoted to an administrative position in a corporation often equates to higher salary, more administrative power, increased social status and elevated self-esteem and satisfaction. In a profit-driven company where financial income stands as the primary concern, it is therefore not surprising that only those employees who are able to contribute to the company’s financial income become promoted to managers. For example, Angus is a senior employee of a moving company; he worked for five years as a truck driver. Consistently, he is willing to work over the hours and rarely skips his duty. When other drivers are absent, he also responds to company’s request to come help out with the driving. When the time comes that the position of manager of vehicle transportation becomes vacant, Angus is invited to take this promotion, which he gladly accepted.

In the contrary, it is not always the case that an individual who did not work hard yet still gets a promotion to be one of the managers in a company. Consider the scenario of an employee of an electrical appliance manufacturing company named Bob applying for the newly vacant technical department manager position. Bob is a young robust individual who has recently acquired a graduate degree from the University of Toronto, renowned for its engineering faculties. Specialized in electrical engineering, Bob has had plenty of working experience from co-op back at U of T; in the meantime, Bob is one of the few who have graduated with an outstanding grade. During the several weeks of working in the store, Bob showed extraordinary engineering skills as he contributed significantly in a vital project the company recently...