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The psychoanalytic approach that was develop by Sigmund Freud believes that you personality is comprised of three components the id, ego, and super ego with also represent you conscious, preconscious and unconscious parts. Where as the trait approach identify individual differences in behavior by the situations there in over given periods of time.

❖ Two things I agree with about the psychoanalytic approach are that we have three selves working against each other to help us define our personality and that we build up defense mechanisms to deal and cope with things we have pushed into our unconscious self.

❖ Two things I disagree with are with the two categories of instinct being the life or sexual instinct and that the only stages of development are within the first 5 or 6 years of life.

❖ Two things I agree with about the trait approach is that personality characteristics are relatively stable over time that like everything it changes as it grows.

❖ Two things I disagree with about the trait approach are the way it’s measured I believe it’s hard to get accurate data.

❖ The oral stage is the first stage a child goes through by using discovery with there mouth. Adult smokers and heavy drinkers are viewed as having traumatic occurrences doing this stage. The anal stage is when a child is normally potty trained and this area is the most erogenous zone. Anal personality usually include stubborn, generous, and orderly depending on the progress of toilet training

#4. The Big Five factor that best describes me would be Extraversion because I’m a very sociable person  who’s energetic, friendly, assertive and very optimistic. The Big Five factor the least describes me would be Neuroticism because I have a don’t worry be happy attitude

# 5. Between psychoanalytic and trait theories I believe I am best described as having a healthy personality