Computerized Information Management System

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In the recent years technology seems to be immature, nothing is interesting and not elegant as what we have right now. Nowadays, better innovation came up and grows faster. Useful inventions and information were made and shared. We can’t stop this – Innovation, fast run like a waterfall as what technology grows. For this generation that everywhere has computer, that in every time you clicked type and view many can happen with its useful way. It is applied on such things that would replace manual processes to easier and reliable processes for human, especially in the field of management information system.

Information management system exists nowadays to help businesses establishment or even schools & universities create and share information that they have to their customer, students or even employees. Information Management are typically used in businesses, yet it can be also used in schools where students can create new knowledge or even discover new ideas and expertise - which can then be shared useful things in organization they belong.

Still, many departments, company, schools, establishments, etc. is still using the old kind style of information system to their organization and performed in independently. These systems was prone from cheating, falsifications and tampering of important profile documents, statistics and this kind of attitude leading those organization to become unorganized and unproductive. Having a computerized kind of information management system can lessen workloads. Information need would be view, get, or even stored in the safest way it goes.

With regards to that Information Management System with manual operations, it can’t put away some of its problem. In terms of data storage, data duplication, slow retrieval and slow operations. With these issues the proponents are proposing a system that will help reduce the problems encountered in manual operations in both teachers and registrar.

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