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Albatross Anchors opened in 1976 with only four family members and now employ 130 people. This alone shows massive growth over the past 35 plus years. By only selling at a wholesale level, this means that they produce and sold in mass amounts. Their supply chain and manufacturing process is extremely important for the company to make succeed. Albatross Anchors is not only disorganized but they do not meet the US Safety and Environmental Standards. Albatross Anchors needs to adjust their operations in order to run smoothly and expand their business for future success.

Question One

Long-Term Operational Changes

(01) The first thing Albatross Anchors can do is change their location and find a bigger plant that has more space than their current location. Since their business has expanded internationally, they need to expand their plant and make another plant overseas. They produce two types of anchors and need to have the space to produce them at the same time because sharing the equipment is taking too much time. In addition, their current manufacturing chain is also not running as smoothly because receiving and shipping departments are running neck and neck with one another. If Albatross Anchors were to find a location that is larger they will be able to not only streamline their production process, they will also be able to separate their administrative offices from the rest of the plan.

(02) The second option that Albatross Anchors should do long-term to improve operations is to update the technology in the entire plant. By updating their technology, they will be able to produce their anchors at a faster rate than they currently are and this will allow their administrative offices to become organized while maintaining a more effective company. This will also allow them to expand their productivity rate and handle a larger customer base.

The last option for long term operational changes is adopting six-sigma. Albatross Anchors will be...