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Marketing plan:

Olive tree farming is a huge agribusiness market.

Research philosophy:

Research was carried out with questionnaire survey to find the market acceptability of olives.

The analysis of the research has given us the information about demand of olive in market.

Research methodology:

Secondary data was carried out to analyze the sector. Primary data was carried out in order to find the usage and demand of olives in firm. The primary research results were obtained from the questionnaire.

Market share:

Indian olive market is rapidly growing because of health nutrients present in olive. Olives have high demand in India so it is charged so high. The olive tree is a well-known medicinal plant and experiments have shown that olive leaves have an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effect. They are a strong antioxidant as well. In the year 2009, it is estimated that there is 1200 million olive trees in the world and 2.5 million tons are produced every year, and 50% of whose are extra virgin.

Competitor analysis:

Growing olives in India have both direct and indirect competition. Direct competitors are exporters of olive leaf/fruits and government of India. Government of India acts as direct competitor because they are undergoing same farming process in Rajasthan. Indirect competitors are exporters of finished products such as olive oil; and manufacturers of olives in India by firm.

There are many importers for olive in India. They will import direct olives or finished product from major olive growers such as Spain and Italy.

In 2006, Government of India is experiencing olive growth in Rajasthan with joint venture of Israeli. Samplings were brought from Israeli.

Olives is mainly used as edible oil in India. The import of olive oil has gone up from 2300 tons in 2007 to 4500 tons in 2008.

Target market:

Our main business is to provide olive leaf and fruit to the firms manufacturing olive oils. Being a product oriented company we...