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Long life, it’s what the world dreams of. To live in full prosperity and to able to enjoy life to it’s fullest for as long as possible, is that not a good dream? Then why do so many disregards the parts of life hat will make that possible? Physical health and wellness are disregarded by many people yet it is essential to a long life of happiness. A person’s physical fitness and wellness are important to living life fuller and longer. A lot of study and research over the years has gone into studying the importance of a person’s physical fitness and wellness and research has found both to be very important.

In the United States the main cause of death is early death due to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Up to 80 percent of the premature deaths in the US caused by cardiovascular disease could be prevented by healthy lifestyle programs. After cardiovascular disease and cancer the next highest cause’s of death in the US are chronic lower respiratory disease and accidents. In the United States the most common degenerative diseases are linked to the cardiovascular system. Up to 70.1 million people in the US have cardiovascular diseases according to the American Heart association.

Cancer being the second largest cause of death in the US has been on the rise. In 2006 a large number of cancer patients were reported, a good portion of them are related to lung cancer. In the past five decades lung cancer has been on a rise and the main cause of Lung cancer is tobacco use. A healthy and positive lifestyle is shown to quite possibly prevent up to 80 percent of all human cancers.

In order to achieve a healthy life style acquiring knowledge about wellness, and doing a wellness program are recommended. Wellness is split into seven different categories. Maintaining a good balance of the areas and taking care of each area is important in maintaining a healthy life style. The seven areas of wellness are spiritual, social, occupational, emotional, metal, environmental...