Where Can I Find a Suitable Vibrating Screen?

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Our equipment specialises in the buying, refurbishment and selling of good used construction, mining, stone crushing and transport equipment.Vibrating screen manufacturer-we operate throughout Africa,Asia, South America, mainly South Asia, and Africa, for example india. We are based in Zhengzhou China and have been in business for decades. We are one of India"s foremost manufacturers of equipment for the mining and quarrying industries. We offer a very broad range of products, including fully installed systems primarily to the mining and aggregate industries.Equipment supply is not limited to China, with major exports to countries such as India, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, England, Sweden, Myanmar, Poland, etc.The material to be screened, moisture content and clay contentThe material moisture content that has two kinds, one kind is called external moisture, at the surface of the particles; the other is called a inherent moisture, in the material pores, cracks. The latter has no effect on the sieving process. When the material moisture as reaches a certain range, the screening efficiency is drastically reduced. This range depends on the material properties and the size of mesh. The material moisture out of this range, active particles rose again, the material viscosity disappear, at this time, water can promote the role of material through the sieve, and gradually achieve the wet sieving conditions. Sieving viscous ore, effective measures must be taken to strengthen the screening process, such as the use of wet sieving, or in the screening of pre washing, the mud exclusion.The series screen machine works in a re-circulating network with ball mill, which can upgrade the fineness of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Its efficiency is twice that of spiral classifier. It adopts the high frequency and low amplitude vibration for the processing of powder in coal, metallurgy, electricity, construction and chemical industry.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is...