Industrial Training - Palm Oil Mill

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Bachelor (Hons) of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Science University Tunku Abdul Rahaman

October 2011


I sincerely declare that: 1. I am the sole writer of this report 2. The details of training and experience contain in this report describe my involvement as a trainee in the field of chemical engineering. 3. All the information contains in this report is certain and correct to the knowledge of the author.

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The following report describes an overview of my training experience in Manis Palm Oil Mill. During the training period, I was allowed by my supervisor to join any department that had related to my study such as Weighbridge Department, Process Department, Laboratory Department, Boiler Station, Water Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment System. Furthermore, I also visited workshop to gain further information about the equipments and the maintenance process. However, I spent most my training time in the Process Department and Laboratory Department as my focus is on the process overview, quality control, raw water treatment and wastewater treatment which had more aspects related to chemical engineering. When spending my time in Process Department, I had learned about the overall flow of mill process starting from fresh fruit brunches (FFB) received till the final products including crude palm oil (CPO), palm kernel and others side products. For Laboratory Department, I had learned about the steps to carry out quality analysis based on different aim for example CPO and palm kernel. By communication, I gain a lot of useful knowledge and skills from experience engineer and technician. Through this internship experience, I had improved my problem solving skill and collaboration skill. I had also learned and practiced the soft skill such as communication skill and interpersonal skill during the training period. In particular,...