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What is the role of the nation state?

Guarantees: -The ownership of private property --The means of production – Provides for disciplining the workforce – Provides and maintains the economic infrastructure – Regulates conflicts – Promotes consumption

Why did the nation state develop?

-Competing theories: +complex food production + population increases + technology & a surplus of goods + external conflict

According to R.J. Rummel's book series, how many men, women & kids were killed by the state between 1900-1987?

Globally, almost 170 million men, women & kids killed by the state from 1900 to 1987.

How does violence & genocide function in a nation state?

-Creates & maintains boundaries

+killing + torture + rape + homosexual assault

-terror & violence is a state instrument of integration, serving to eliminate those who refuse to assimilate into the new ideal of the nation state or to mark them as undesirables.-- Allows the majority.

What company gained the right to drill for oil in Saudi Arabia forming a partnership known as the Arabian-American Oil Company? Does the American company still own shares? Are they part of management? -Social?

What did U.S. firms gain for supporting Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi?

U.S. firms gained a 40% share in Iranian oil.

Who is hurt by free trade? Who benefits?

Benefits: -Wealthy countries -corporations

Hurt: -small farmers – small businesses – laborers – citizens

What us economic growth directly tied to?

Economic growth is directly tied to energy consumption.

What's the estimated doubling time in 2025?

Increase of 81 million people per year by 2025.

Where is the fastest population growth taking place?

The fastest growing population is in Africa.

What problems will occur due to population increases in less developed countries?

Continued population growth will eventually lead to famine, disease & war.

What issues were debated at the 1994 United Nations Conference?

-promoting modern...

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