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Answers to the stories

The Snob


The Chaser

Felix E. Pacheco Burgos



1. Was John right in avoiding his father to protect his love?

No, John was not right in avoiding his father to protect his love.

2. What would you have done in a similar case?

If I was in a similar case I would have introduced her to my father, because I she really love me then she has to love all the things about me, rich or poor.

3. What values are most important for John?

For John the values that are most important are those of a social status, upper class trying to impress making someone believe something your not. His only concern was, basically money to impress a woman, at whatever the cost.

4. How can differences between generations increase misunderstanding of values?

When one is younger sometimes to impress or fit in an emphasis is put on things that really don’t matter. But as you age in time you realize that family, hard work, honesty and integrity have a higher value in life.

5. Are class differences still an important factor in determining happiness in love and marriage.

Well it shouldn’t be but unfortunately in parts of the world class differences are still an important factor in determining happiness in love and marriage. In some countries sometimes it’s the most important.

6. Are Mr. Harcourt and Thord (from The Father) good fathers?

Well Mr. Harcourt is a good father who has tried to implement good values in his son. Thord was a good father also he just wanted so much to give his son everything that he was actually going about it the wrong way but that doesn’t make him a bas father.


1. The story “The father” has a long span of time, but The Snob takes place in an hour. Does this short time affect the character development?

Well it affects in the aspect that you don’t get to know the character a little more in depth. Yet if the story is vivid and how it’s presented the also can...