Organizational Behaviour and Leadership: Mutual Expectations

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What You Can Reasonably Expect From Employees The following guidelines will help define the boundaries of reasonable performance and conduct that you, as supervisors and managers, can expect from employees. 1. Positive and Respectful Workplace

You can expect employees to treat each other with respect, in every interaction. You can also expect employees to take action to help create a positive and respectful workplace. Such actions are reflected in the Basic Principles for a Positive and Respectful Workplace which you can expect all staff to follow. The principles are: 1. Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person 2. Maintain the self-confidence and self esteem of others 3. Maintain good working relationships 4. Take initiative to make things better 5. Lead by example 6. Think beyond the moment


Honesty and Integrity

Employees have an obligation to represent the University in a responsible manner. You can expect employees to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. This includes, for example: o not removing or using private documents where it is reasonable to assume the documents are confidential; o safeguarding, and not stealing property of the University, coworkers and students; o having scrupulous regard for the confidentiality of student, employee, and University information; o respecting the privacy of other staff (e.g. avoiding listening in to telephone or other conversations); and, o using University property or equipment appropriately (i.e. internet, telephone, fax, printers)




When performing their job, employees must meet a reasonable and acceptable standard. This includes the following: o being reasonably careful, and not careless, in the performance of work; being reasonably efficient in their work; properly carrying out their job duties; o carrying out the lawful directions or instructions of their supervisor in a cooperative manner; o working co-operatively with...