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Investiture Crisis- The most significant conflict between the church and the medieval Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries a series of popes was going to challenge the authority of Europe. The entire controversy was resolved in 1122.

Black Death- It was a very deadly disease that was carried by rats or human bone from the east near china and took out much of Europe it was really bad around major trading routes because of the amount of people that went through there. It started out like it was not much then it would flair up and you would not have much time to live.

Crusades- They was a series of religious sanctioned military campaigns there were in favor of Roman Catholic in Europe. The crusades was split up over time in four separate attempts to get the Jews and the Muslims out of Europe for the reason of religious, economic, and political reasons. The Christians also got into it with the Muslim and led them to their opponents.

Great Schism- It was the spilt of the Catholic church there was two men that said that they were the true pope of the church this was because of politics that were going on which caused a big disagreement finally the council of Constance was able to end it.

Diet of Worms- Martin Luther religious teaching was in conflict in 1521 Luther declared that he could not act against scripture and then he became an outlaw as well as religious authority because of he translated the new testament into German and Latin translation.

Catholic Reformation- Was the period of Catholic revival beginning with the council of Trent and it was the ending of the thirty years war the reformation was an comprehensive effort with four major elements which was structural reconfiguration, religious orders, spiritual movements and political dimensions.

The Columbian Exchange- It was a widespread exchange of animals, plants, culture and human population. It was one of the worse events concerning agriculture and culture. New diseases were found...