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Sabina Hollis

Comparison of Jesus and Mohammed

Hum 125

Axia College

September 11, 2010

Jesus and Mohammed are the founders of the two largest religions. Jesus is the founder of Christianity and Mohammed founded Islam. Jesus the same as Mohammed seem to have similar lives and in both religions, God is the universal divinity prayed even though Christian prayer is not as demanding as Islamic prayer. The nature of Allah is one God which is the same as the God in Christianity. However, Allah is not the God in the Bible. Both Jesus and Mohammed have been neglected and had different impacts such as worship within their respective religions and followers. Without their persecutions and sacrifices, Jesus and Mohammed would not be known as they are today.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem by Virgin Mary. His name means “God saves”, (Fisher 2005). He was conceived through the Holy Spirit. Scriptures in the Bible speak about Jesus as living 2,000 year ago. His parents, Joseph and Mary traveled to Egypt to escape King Herod’s declaration to kill all Jewish boys under the age of two because he considered Jesus a threat. Therefore the Son of God remained outside of Galilee so he could continue his teaching. According to Fisher (2005), the story of Jesus is not specifically described, but he began his teachings around the age of thirty while working as a carpenter. Jesus considered Himself a Shepherd that would sacrifice Himself for His followers and explained that His teaching was from God.

Jesus was baptized in the river of Jordon by John the Baptist. He taught about the Kingdom of God, which is righteousness, forgiveness of sin, love and acceptance. Jesus had twelve disciples. They were Simon, John, Bartholomew, Andrew, Matthew, James, Phillip, Thomas, James, Simon, Thaddeus and Judas (Fisher, 2005). Jesus performed many miracles while he traveled the earth including healing people, raising the dead, casting out devils, turning water into...