Crushing Equipment in Stone Production Line

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For sand production line and stone production line, back breaking plays an indispensable role in them, directly determines the stone production line production.

Stone production line generally includes a feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, stone washing machine etc.. According to the different requirements of stone production line process, various types of equipment combination, satisfies the customer the different technological requirements.

impact crusher in stone production line belongs to the two stage crushing equipment.

1, in the stone production line, the crushed material hardness is less than 320Mpa, such as granite, Xuan Wushi and so on, are suitable for two stage crushing process, the main equipment: vibrating feeder -- jaw crusher (broken) -- stone impact crusher (two broken, for the impact crusher, hammer crusher) -- vibrating screen -- finished stone, in the middle of the belt conveyor material.

2, when the material hardness is less than 150Mpa, in order to save your cost, improve work efficiency, generally using a molding equipment, the main equipment: vibrating feeder -- high performance composite crusher (i.e. one jaw crusher, the bulk material by special design, an ideal size, generally for hammer crusher machine -- vibrating screen) -- finished stone, in the middle of the belt conveyor material.

Therefore, in the same capacity, single all smart owners will choose configuration host less sand production line equipment. Moreover, the sand production line only need a jaw crusher equipment is not impossible, single jaw crusher can meet the production of stone factory owner such demand.

The single period of crusher is equivalent to an ordinary jaw crusher, cone crusher, is able to break the top two broken for a new generation of machine, single jaw crusher design innovation machine that "thick broken" models to achieve "fine" function, so that the crushing process originally "multi segment fragmentation",...