Team Communications

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Team communication

Even though there can be diversity in any group there are however several ways of establishing proper team communication because of the use of email, home visits, as well the use of the telephone. According to Rob Waldman “communication is the conduit of teamwork and is the basis for all trust.”(p. 25) Such as in my team I believe that there is good communication thanks to the fact that everyone is willing to work together to accomplish all our tasks as one. To make sure all our tasks were accomplished our team had several home visits to make sure everyone was on the same point. When were not available in person to receive information we were able to send information through the internet. When problems surfaced such as when a team member was confused or unable to accomplish a task we were able to communicate by telephone to help and support our team member to insure all tasks were accomplish in a timely matter.

Effective communication doesn’t just occur people need to have building blocks to ensure it will happen. They build on it then make sure everyone is held responsible for it to succeed. (Rob Waldman p. 25) By involving all team members instead of neglecting one we avoid having a second-guesser on the team that will make decisions that they believe will benefit the team but in reality will probably have a negative effect. (Rob Waldman p. 25) That is why in my team to avoid such a scenario we have created a trust that gives us the ability to express needs as well as our concerns. Involving all team members the reason that any diversity we have has yet to lead to a problem that will hamper our success as a team.” Trust creates the pathway to open communication.”(Karvelas, 1998) By that I mean you must have an appreciation of each team member contribution. If you do not have trust it could lead to a communication barrier that could undermine the entire team.

To prevent such barriers you must be able to have open communication. You...