Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care/Hcs451

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Jamie Klapat

Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care/HCS451

University of Phoenix

September 6, 2010

Instructor – Ruth Burris

Performance Management 1

INOVA Fairfax Hospital

INOV Fairfax Hospitals is one of the most prominent hospitals in the Northern Virginia region. It serves a community from different cultures and backgrounds. Inova Fairfax Hospital is dedicated to managing and offering quality care to their patients.

INOVA Fairfax Hospital’s mission statement is to “improve the health of a diverse community it serves through excellence in patient care, education, and research.” (INOVA Health System, 2010)

The performance management ratings established within this organization is based on the quality of care, quality of medical and clinical care, and cost efficiency. The scope includes monitoring the appointment availability, sequential time between visitation of patients, and patient approval of services. In addition, to rating the inoculation rates, prenatal enrollment, and measures of diabetes. In cost efficiency, the measures are base on productivity, Health Medical Organizations, Medicaid and Medicare, and cost.

The set standards consist “measuring of clinical quality appropriateness of care and efficiency of treatment using clinical procedures and results and studies, provide cost-effectiveness treatment in the least restrictive clinical environment, offers flexible billing to accommodate patients financial circumstances, and use case management teams to work closely with managed care organizations to coordinate patient care.” (INOVA Health System, 2010)

Improvement Process

The improvement process of Inova Health System is a lot like other facilities. They want to be the best and in order for that they must make sure that everything is in order and obeys the laws and regulations. They send out survey’s asking the patients to give their input. These are thing put into place...