The Future of Digital Marketing Will Largely Revolve Around Mobile

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The future of digital marketing will largely revolve around mobile

Yunjing Sheng


24th November 2013


1. Introduction 2

1) Definition of digital marketing 2

2) Platforms of digital marketing 2

3) Definition of Mobile Marketing 3

4) Methods of Mobile Marketing 3

2. Critical appraisal 3

1) The actuality and prospect of mobile marketing 3

From the perspective of consumers 4

From the perspective of the brands 4

2) Swot analysis of mobile marketing 5

Strengths 5

Weaknesses 7

Opportunities 8

Threats 8

3. Conclusions 8

4. Reference 9

1. Introduction

It cannot be denied that digital technology is becoming more significant in most sectors of organizations and for individuals in their daily lives. As a result, digital marketing is the main methods of marketing for most companies now. Digital marketing do make our lives much easier and more convenient than before. With the help of digital devices, days are gone when you have to go out to buy a pizza in a rainy day when your mother is not at home, you can just order a pizza online now. You can book tickets, make a booking, transfer money between different accounts etc. without going out. There is little doubt that one can hardly live without digital devices, especially mobile devices nowadays. It cannot be denied that you depend a lot on mobile marketing.

1) Definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing can be described as: In order to achieve the objects, different kinds of digital technologies are applied as ways to market. The main object is to meet and exceed customer needs better, compared with the competitors. These technologies include the internet, interactive television and wireless communications (Jobber, 2010). In short, Digital marketing may be defined as achieving marketing goals by applying digital technologies (Chaffey, 2012).

2) Platforms of digital marketing

Chaffey (2012)...