Hongxing Sand Making Machine Has a Superior Performance

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Sand production line equipment , not only played to undertake a large number of on-line greatly block device , and be responsible for providing a small block to the next production line equipment , if chunk is too slow , there will be the raw material accumulation , if the system out the device block is too large, will affect the production line of small equipment life. Impact Sand Mobil car super grease or # 3 Lithium Grease , 400 hours of each work by adding the right amount of grease to work 2000 hours to open the spindle assembly, wash the bearings , the general work 7200 hours , the replacement of the new bearing the top of the spindle assembly bearing swimming side , the bottom bearing the fixed side , hand pulling the pulley assembly should be flexible rotation . Impact in the sand making machine is running , the device is a high-speed device , you should pay special attention to production safety. Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, machine repair For after the shutdown . Problems to recommend your professional maintenance staff to resolve , is strictly prohibited without the permission of the manufacturers to dismantle the core components .Henan Hongxing launch of launch of the new third-generation sand making machine , superior performance , and the advantages of low energy consumption in the national market received a remarkable achievement . Sand play an increasingly important role in infrastructure , the major domestic machinery manufacturers have also accelerated the process of research and development . Hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, high automatization and less stop production and repairing time:the discharge opening adjusted by hydraulic and overload protection makes performance of the crusher increased by a large extent, the maintenance and operation easier, the repairing time shorter.; the bidirectional metal releasing hydraulic vat makes slab pass through crushing cavity´╝Ťthe crusher can discharges...