Split My Brain Case Study Answers

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Katelyn Gibbs

Anatomy and Physiology

“Split My Brain” Case Study

Due: March 6th 2014

Part 1:

Why is there electrical activity in the brain? Describe how it is used by neurons. Answer: The electricity in the brain is there to help the neurons send messages. The electricity sends the message, then the message passes through the neuron to be read before arriving at its correct destination.

What happens in the brain during a seizure? Answer: More electricity pulses than normally sent out are released. This keeps the brain from reading the usual messages from the neurons.

What is epilepsy? How is it diagnosed? Answer: Epilepsy is unexpected seizures of different strength at any given time. Diagnosing epilepsy includes doing a series of tests that include the EEG test and CT & MRI scans.

What are the procedures for doing an EEG test and MRI scan? Answer: An EEG test uses flashing lights to change the wave patterns in the brain It should detect problems with the neurons. It takes between 20-40 minutes. During an MRI a patient lays down on an examination table while a magnet attempts to detect whether something is off or not.

What are some possible causes for seizures other than epilepsy? Answer: Severe fevers, Oxygen deprivation, brain trauma, sleep deprivation, and birth defects.

Based on the information in the case, what type of seizures does Jerrod seem to be having?Answer:

What should you do during a seizure to help Jerrod? Answer: Do no attempt to restrain Jerrod. remove harmful objects from the area, and go to the hospital as soon as the seizure is over.

What are some treatments of epilepsy? Answer: Medication and surgery as a last result.

Part 2:

What is Rasmussen Syndrome (what are its history, symptoms, and prognosis, etc)? Answer:

What structures or abilities of the brain are concentrated in the area of the left hemisphere that would be removed in the hemispherectomy? Answer: The language, logic, and...