The Ramin Paper Trail: from Indiscriminate Clearance of Sumatra’s Peat Swamp Forests to Asia Pulp & Paper’s Expanding Global Empire

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The ramin paper trail:

From indiscriminate clearance of Sumatra’s peat swamp forests to Asia Pulp & Paper’s expanding global empire

Why the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) must act to prevent the pulp sector in Indonesia driving ramin and Sumatran tigers closer to extinction


SUMMARY: The ramin paper trail 1

APP and the ramin ban 2

APP policy on illegal wood 2

The law: ramin is legally protected 4

APP and habitat loss 6

APP and the law: what APP’s policies mean in practice 8

Illegal ramin at APP’s main mill 9

RAMIN AT APP’s flagship pulp MILL 10

The investigation: illegal ramin documented in APP’s pulpwood supply 10

APP pulpwood supplies depend on clearance of a key ramin habitat 11

Ramin identification 13

Investigating the pulpwood supply for Indah Kiat Perawang 13

Illegal ramin is part of the mix at APP mill Indah Kiat Perawang 14

The case for Ministry of Forestry sanctions against APP 16

From APP’s pulp mill to the ends of the earth 17

Overview of APP pulp trade: from APP crime to global commodities 17

Investigating the international trafficking routes from Indah Kiat 19

International trafficking route one: direct exports from the Indah Kiat Perawang complex to the international market 19

International trafficking route two: direct export of MTH pulp from Indah Kiat Perawang to APP China mills 20

International trafficking route three: exports to the international market from APP China mills that source MTH pulp from Indah Kiat Perawang 20

International trafficking route four: exports to the international market from APP Indonesia mills with trade links to Indah Kiat Perawang 21

The scale of APP’s global trade 23

Overview: Indah Kiat Perawang’s trade risks to key CITES party countries 23

APP international trade to key markets and brands 23

The risks of trade with APP 25

Forensic fibre testing: testing of paper products helps link multiple APP...