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Travis Kresse

College Writing I – Week 2

Descriptive Essay Topics

June, 06, 2010

There have been many memorable events in my life these past 28 soon to be 29 years. One memory I can say that has been a most impressionable one in my short life span was my first time going to 315 Bowery at Bleaker Street in Manhattan at the age of ten with my older cousins who I had idolized. Not to try to name drop by any means but I had an older half cousin who in his own right was a pioneer if you will of a type of glamour proto punk era. The place was called CBGBs which despite its name had very little to do with country bluegrass and blues. It was a very cold February in New York, and being from Forrest Hills, cold around that time was not a very uncommon thing. They dressed so strange (my cousins) and despite it struck others as being odd, I wanted to be them. So one night in February, I was given the chance to take a ride with them on the subway, my first time, which could be quite a memory in its own at that age. Little did I know at the time that the patrons on the train car were not in awe like myself for being so cool, more likely it was their off putting looks. Arriving in the club reminded me of sardines if you will, people packed in, wall to wall, making the room about twenty degrees warmer than what the thermostat was set at. My cousin name was Tony, Tony Genzale to be more exact, but he went by the name of Johnny Thunders. He was reunited with his short lived band the heartbreakers. No not Tom Petty, but a band he formed when he left, or more likely got kicked out of The New York Dolls. The experience changed my life forever. Being so into music, much like everyone else, I got a closer look at a chapter out of a book of an era of bold, energetic, honest but simple music.

Another memorable time was on a much sadder note, but it too changed my life forever. I will never forget (even though years ago I wish I had) the day one of my best friends...