Module Book Staying in Control

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Staying in control

M8 - IBMS Version 1.1 Version, 2013 - 2014

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Staying in control

Version 1.1: March 2014

Academic year 2013 - 2014 MODULE CO-ORDINATOR: Marten Jan Feenstra Room: Tel: e-mail: Stenden 2.69 06-19273520

Module book staying in control, version 1.1

2013 - 2014


Welcome to the module Staying in control! Subject that are discussed in this module are: - Operations management (OM) - Management information systems (MIS) - Total quality management (TQM) - Applied statistics - Research project - English Business communications (EBC) All subjects will be lectured from the point of view of ‘staying in control’. This module is focussed on the internal control role of Quinn. And is a further development of the M7 module as it was provided in previous years. The following changes were made from the ‘old’ M7 programme towards the ‘new’ M8 programme: Operations management is added Research was replaced by applied statistics The English Business Communications programme was updated

From version 1 to version 1.1 the following changes were made: All programmes were updated A customized version of the scoring rubrics for the thesis is used to assess the research project A scoring rubric is now used to assess the applied statistics part The order of the research classes and workshops was slightly altered to accommodate the student time-line for the research project Consultancy moments were added in the module allowing students to ask questions about the applied statistics they are working on

Good luck this module! Marten Jan Feenstra Lecturer research and e-business IBMS/SBRM Stenden University

Leeuwarden, March 2014

© IBMS, 2013 - 2014


Module book staying in control, version 1.1

2013 - 2014...