Risk Assessment Information Systems

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Global Finance, Inc. is an international organization with expansions in many states. In every state, the company has a number of sites and each site has several workers and customers. Offices are interconnected to each other and to the host organization. As an international organization, Global Finance, Inc. requires a robust network that can support its daily operations, a secure network system and efficient network management strategies. Normally, network choices rely on the company budget, network coverage, and internal and external regulations. Effective network security requires constant upgrades and close monitoring to ensure possible loopholes are sealed in time.

Executive Summery

Global Finance, Inc. network is constructed by sets of routers and switches. The network switches and routers are designed with unique typologies including different sizes of meshes. The network adopted packet switching and circuit technologies. Packet switches are effective transfer paths and sharing carriers. The network system allows sharing with clients and other management teams. There are also virtual circuits connected to the main path to serve various needs. Additionally, the network has circuit system, which facilitates data transfer only when needed. Global Finance, Inc. has employed Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which only transfer data when initiated (Acharya, Lasse, Thomas & Matthew, 2011).

Apart from Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) connections, Global Finance, Inc. has utilized other forms of connections such as different internet ISPs, private networks and telephone connections. The design has also incorporated Virtual Private Network (VPN) for in public switched networks (PSTN) to enhance information privacy and security. Global Finance, Inc. developed an encrypted network system as a security measure against its data (Dana & Arkin, 2010).

The expansion of Global Finance, Inc. has created openings for new threats, risks...