Mkt 301 Mod 1 Case

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Trident University International


Spring 2014

Module One Case

High Involvement purchase- Dodge Durango,

Low involvement purchase- Smart Water

section starting First Page and ending last page of the assignment.

22 April 2014

High Involvement vs Low Involvement Purchases

High involvement products are products with high capital value goods or services that are

psychologically important to the buyer because they address social or ego needs and therefore

carry social and psychological risks.

My High Involvement purchase was 2013 Dodge Durango SUV that I bought in August.

This purchase was a $37,000 SUV that required effort and thought on my part whether to

purchase. This SUV represents an impact to my debt to income ratio and required a loan

that would influence my monthly cash flow over the next 5 years. This purchase is linked to high

cost, my expression of status and ego. I have always liked having new cars, I think that it makes

me look successful compared to my peers from high school back home who most are struggling.

This was also an emotional purchase because I have 3 kids, a 7 year old and a set of 2 year old

twins who are still in car seats. I had to choose a product that fit my family’s need, my personal

expectations of status, and the immediate purchasing power that this represents. I know that a

new car would represent a 40% loss of equity within a three year period but this represents a

decision that was based on an acceptable level of risk that I was and am willing to take to own

nice things. Recognizing the need for a new car that fit my wants, doing research and test

driving multiple vehicles in this class, buying and evaluating post purchase are all solid steps in

the purchase decision process that I made. I didn’t just walk in there and walk out in a few hours,

deciding what I wanted and then waiting for loan...