Problems Facing on Financing

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Problems Facing on Finance / Daily Activity.

(1)Day Start:

As the Branch open at morning so first of all the IT department has to run the Day Start by which the whole system such as Online Transaction/Finance, Online payments, Online Clearing etc will be run. On the daily bases day start is too much important for any bank online software, in case of late starting the online soft ware a problem create to all the branches in country moreover head office because online software connect to the whole branches.

(2)Statement of Affairs Reconciliation:

Firstly the whole affairs will be reconcile by the finance officer on regularly bases, the system report also generated but manual checking take time to reconcile it properly.

(3)Activity Checking:

Asset will be remaining still on debit because the Bank mostly stands on Assets/Advances/Corporate accounts etc. Incase of any asset found in Debit so Properly checking of that account that what is the reason behind this. Further A/C Heads divided into many other Heads on which main heads are as follows:

(3 a)Sundry Debtors:

This is the most important advance account of branch use for any purchase, to gave any advance salary, to clear the branch bills etc. The balance will be zero with in month according to bank policy.

(3 b)Sundry Creditors:

This A/C used for OBC, Outwards bills for collections, IBC, Inter branch credits, Liabilities etc. On OBC it takes around a week for clearing which client has to suffer.

(3 c )Daily General Transaction:

As Bank start the day, by Day Start so from 09:00 am till 05:00 pm the transactions like Cash With drawl, Cash Deposit, Clearing cheques, Utilities bills etc will be continuously run. On those Transactions some time clients make mistake on A/C #.

The bank teller will always checked the a/c # moreover title of a/c on system, before posting any entry. By that practice mistake ratio will be zero moreover client do not suffer the problems.

Daily Activity...