The Internet: a Life Changing Technology

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The Internet: A Life Changing Technology

The internet has opened up a whole new world to many people, while also providing a smaller world to everyone in this country. Anyone can access the internet; from private internet access at home, access at work, or free access at the public library. The internet has brought more things to more people faster than any other technological advances in the past. The internet provides everything from information and news to product sales and dating services, and has brought products and storefronts of companies from around the world right into people’s homes and offices. The technology of the internet has provided one of the largest changes in peoples’ lives in this country.

Internet Access

The internet has become highly accessible to most people in this country. The internet was once something only a few people had access to, such as scientists, teachers, and government officials. Today the internet is a major part of how people communicate, and it affects most people’s lives in some way (Boase J. 2007). A person can access the internet from a personal computer at home at any time, and on multiple computers. Some also may have access to the internet from computers at work; although the amount of access is dependent on the person’s employer. For those without access to a computer or the internet at home, or at work, many places of business are now offering internet access. Many hotels now have a business center with internet access. Internet cafes offer computer rentals to access the internet; some restaurants are even allowing free access when food is purchased. For those with portable computers the internet can be accessed from most of these sites by hardwire or wireless (Wi-Fi) connections, or through a cellular connection provided by one of the major cellular companies. Finally, most public libraries offer free limited access the internet with a library membership.

Almost Anything a Person Needs

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