Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been practice for many centuries until today. Many animals sacrificed their life for human beneficial in companies, institutions and lab every day. Animal testing normally practice in pharmaceutical field, cosmetic and even household cleaning products to make sure it is safe on human. However, many people tend to forget that many innocent animals are being fed by chemical, lipstick, lip gloss, coat with cleaning products or forced to grow abnormal cells inside the body to obtain certain results. There are a lot of arguments on animal testing whereby some supports and some objects on this matter. Many nonprofit organization such as People for the Ethical Treatment for Animal (PETA), and Centre of Alternative to animal testing (CAAT) works very hard to educate the people to reduce the rely on the result of animal testing. In this essay, we are going to study on some point or facts of why animal testing should not be continued.

Firstly, animal testing should not be continued is due to the misleading result. There are numerous examples of drugs found safe in animals yet harmful in humans. The most well known drugs tragedy is with Thalidomide. This drug was tested repeatedly on animals prior to its release for use on the human population. Animals have many identical DNA to human. However, this does not mean that all the drugs and cosmetic items which have been tested on animals are safe to be used on human. In the late 1950s and early 1960s estimated about 1,000 of fetus and 10,000 of birth defects cause by the drug thalidomide. This drug was given to pregnant women to reduce morning sickness. The baby that being affected was reported to suffer from phocomelia, a failure in limbs development. Besides that, the other major failure in animal testing was the drug Clioquinon, invented to treat skin fungus. The syndrome caused by clioquinon treatment, subacute myelo-optic neuropathy (SMON), is considered as one of...