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Summiting my MBA

It seemed like every five steps I took I had to stop and catch my breath, my legs were weak and my head ached from lack of oxygen, but I only had 50 more feet to go until I reached the peak of the 14,000 foot mountain. When I set my mind on a goal, I work hard and endure the many challenges presented to ensure that I, and those along for the journey, experience the benefits of achieving the objective. The skills, talents, experiences and perspectives that helped me summit two 14,000 foot mountain peaks are the same that I will bring to W.P. Carey School of Business.

When summiting a mountain of that elevation a lot of planning and preparation is required before departure. I did my due diligence to prepare for the effort and obstacles I would be faced with. I had to research weather patterns and how to properly deal with elevation sickness. I made sure I was in proper physical shape, packed the appropriate gear and finally began my ascent. My educational and professional planning and preparation has led me to the W.P Carey School of Business. A W.P Carey online MBA gives me the flexibility I need to achieve my goal of obtaining an MBA without sacrificing the quality of my education. Now that I have chosen the path to my MBA, I am in the process of mentally and physically preparing myself for the work undoubtedly to come from a top notch MBA program.

During the grueling eight hour hike up the mountain, there were times my body wanted to give up on me. My hard work and determination gave me the ability to persevere and keep climbing. With my mind focused on the prize, stopping a foot short of the summit was not an option. I am approaching W.P. Carey’s MBA Program with the same dedication. Working and actively pursuing an MBA is no small task. At times, when giving up seems like the easiest option, my commitment and perseverance will prevail to deliver quality work that I am proud to be associated with.

There were many...