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Article Review:

“Motorola files new suit against Apple” by Nancy Gohring

Javier Hernandez



Chief Justice David Chew

In the article, “Motorola files new suit against Apple”, Nancy Gohring discusses the lawsuit Motorola has put forth against Apple inc. According to her, this new lawsuit stems from an older complaint Motorola made against Apple back in 2010. In this most recent lawsuit however, Motorola accuses Apple of infringing on six of Motorola’s patents. According to Motorola, these infringements can be found in Apple’s IPhone 4S and ICloud.

Intellectual properties such as Motorola’s designs and products are not without protections. In fact, the very patent itself is a protection Motorola has to safeguard their invention. Other forms of intellectual property protection include trademarks, copyrights, know-how, trade secret, and mask-works. Other forms of intellectual property such as know-how may have considerable commercial value but they do not have any particular protection under the law, except in the case of contracts between parties (e.g. a consulting agreement) that specifically refer to such intellectual property. (BU Technology Development)

Other important aspects of intellectual property are the legal issues involved. These issues include privacy, ethics, and security. Privacy is of utmost importance in e-business. This is because customer and business information can easily be intercepted if it is not properly protected. This also ties in to the security aspect of legal issues that are often encountered. E-businesses have a duty to protect sensitive information, theirs and ours. Interrelated to privacy, ethics is also vitally important in e-business. Both parties must be truthful in regard to information that is given and information that is provided.


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