Statement of Purpose (International Fashion Marketing)

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Fashion" for me is not just a word or a term, it is my passion, my

identidy. I was born in Nepal a very small Country, where Fashion is

still in its infancy. I grew up hearing that clothing is just a

requirement, a necessity for us humans. But I always thought there is

more than that to it. I always believed Fashion is not just about

looking good,but It is about feeling good and confident.

Growing up in a country where every parents want their children to

become Doctors and Engineers, it was difficult for me to convince the

people around, my interest in the world of Fashion. Fortunately with

time I was able to convince my parents go to India and do a course in

Fashion Designing, after completing it successfully I came to the UK

for further studies and completed my degree in Fashion and Textiles.

Whilst studying i got an oppertunity to Work at House Of Fraser as a

sales Advisor in the ladies wear department, where i learnt a lot

about how all the buying, selling, merchandising and marketing

process works, and yet designing is just an initial process. I started

developing a very keen interest in the Marketing Side of the

Mysterious Fashion World, yes that is what I call it, because I always

had so many questions on my mind, always used to wonder about the

sucess behind all the big designer names , the chain of Fashion, the

seasonal style and colour forecasts, concept of brand loyality, and a

lot more. Eventually i got answers to most of my questions, some from

my work place some from my Course work, and some from my own research.

Whilst on my third year in the University i had already decided that

my interest is more on the marketing and merchandising side than the

designing side.

After the completion of the Course ,due to Family commitments ,I had

to move to different cities within the UK, and did not really get to

focus on my career. For almost three years I travelled and moved from

here to there. During these years I was in...