Vacation Essay

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Dylan Goode

Vacation Essay

Vacation can be a very relaxing and enjoyable time, especially

when you have great family members and friends to share your time

with . What is your favorite vacation spot? Ocean city, Florida, the West

Coast, or maybe somewhere out of the country? Well for my family it’s

Outer Banks, North Carolina. We go every other year and it never gets


Our most recent vacation to Outer Banks was wonderful. I love

the Outer Banks it is my favorite place on earth. I was so excited to go

on this trip because I had missed the previous family vacation due to

summer school. The night before we left I didn’t get any sleep I was too

anxious for morning when we packed the car and got on the road. I laid

in bed for hours watching the clock as time slowly moved on, then at

around six o’clock in the morning everyone was up and ready to roll.

The car ride is always the worst because you’re stuffed in a car with all

of your luggage around you and most likely you hit traffic somewhere

along the way. Luckily, I was so tired from not getting any sleep the

night before that I slept through most of the trip.

When we had made it to the beach house I didn’t even take time

to unpack my things I just put on my board shorts and ran out to the

beach. The weather was gorgeous. The sun was shining with a slight

breeze that carried the sweet smell of the ocean across the shore. The

ocean was beautiful the sun’s rays glistened off the slow rolling waves

crashing on the shore line, and it seemed like you could see the end of

the earth over the horizon. I had to take a few minutes just to let it all

soak in and enjoy the view. My brothers Ryan, Zach, and my best friend

Gary and I all ran into the cold water and swam for a good hour or so

and then the whole family went to KFC for lunch. When we got back I

unpacked my bag and made my bed before we went back to the beach.

Later that night I went out on...