The Uk Food and Drink Market

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United Kingdom The UK Food and Drink Market

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Hyatt Consulting

Wicklewood, Norfolk, UK, January 2009

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“The UK Food and Drink Market” is a report commissioned by the Swiss Business Hub UK as part of the continuous support of Swiss companies in their efforts to improve their export potential in a sector which is particularly important for Swiss SMEs. The report was researched and written by Hyatt Consulting. Hyatt Consulting is a UK based consulting business, specialising in the support for non-British companies intend on entering the UK market. The company is owned and managed by Alan Highet who has extensive experience in the food sector. Since 2008 Alan Highet is a member of the Pool of Experts and has successfully worked for other international trade promotion agencies (e.g. from Norway). Hyatt Consulting offers a tailor made and personalised service. In the context of this report the Swiss Business Hub UK encourages enquiries from Swiss SMEs who may be interested in making use of this service. For further information please contact Hyatt Consulting or any of the parties shown below.

Osec Business Network Switzerland Stampfenbachstrasse 85 8035 Zürich Switzerland Tel: +41 44 365 5151 Fax: +41 44 365 5221 Web: / Email:

Swiss Business Hub United Kingdom c/o Embassy of Switzerland 16-18 Montagu Place London W1H 2BQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 20 7616 60 67 Fax: +44 20 7723 64 55 Web: Email:

The UK Food and Drinks Sector

Hyatt Consulting for Swiss Business Hub UK, January 2009

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Executive Summary

We live in the most challenging economic times in recent memory. Anyone reading this report should recognise the pace of change and fluctuations in buyer behaviour that we are currently experiencing, and make allowances when reflecting upon what is largely a review of secondary data that was collected many months ago. We...