Change Management Plan for Telstra

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Executive summary:

Telstra is one of the most famous companies in Australia. It operates in the telecommunication sector. But Telstra has some internal problem. The video call “Tough Call” diffused in June 2007 on ABC explains the current situation of Telstra. The video illustrates how Telstra has to face really bad situations. Even if everything is doing right about results, inside the company it is a crisis situation. The video relates stories about two Telstra employees who committed suicide because of work condition. Moreover several Telstra employees and manager are also interviewed, they describe the atmosphere inside the workplace. The major problem is due to the management style of Telstra and what is asked to the employees.

The aim of this report is to propose a change management plan for Telstra. This change management plan must specifically be applicable for a call centre. The change management plan is divided into eight steps. Each step follows a chronological order. It must be emphasized that the change has to involve everybody and it has to be consolidated at the end. The main recommendation concerns the establishing of listening groups, a redefinition of Telstra’s management.

Table of Contents.

Executive summary: i

Introduction: 4

Analysis of the DVD. 5

Change management plan. 8

Recommendations. 11

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Telstra Corporation or Telstra is an Australian telecommunications company. It is one of the leading in this sector, offering mobile and fixed telephony, broadband and television services. The company operates primarily in Australia and employs about 47,840 people to provide services to enterprise and government here and in New Zealand (<>, October 2010).

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