Get More Knowlodge of High Frequency Vibrating Screen

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Electromagnetic high frequency vibrating screen is one of the new vibrating screen using the electromagnetic oscillator as shock excitation and using high frequency vibrating as the operating mode. This kind of vibrating screen is suitable for dry or wet screening of fine material and widely used in iron ore, copper, gold, coal, chemical, building materials and other industries.The polyurethane material has high strength and good wear resistanceThe feeding point is a weak link of the sieve, the impact of ore often causes a range of local losses, and thus leads to damage of the entire sieve--it should be solved.Installation structure: summing up the first two tests, and absorb the advantages of other sieve plate mounting structure, making use of the polyurethane material elastic properties, we modified the test program once again as following:Both ends of the hook plate are made of 3 mm thick steel plate which is linked by six wire rope, part of hook board are cast for one with wire and polyurethane sieve. Wire rope not only hook prevents hook board dropping off, also improves the strength of the sieve. The ends are connected by articulated coupling, adjust tighten bolts at both ends so that the sieve in a tension state in advance, the middle is fixed by the plate and bolt, the following is supported by two channel, so that maintain a certain gap between the sieve and the sieve framework, and get as much vibration screening area as possible.High frequency vibrating screen has a strong adaptability in grading size and has a relative accuracy in the control of particle size. The high frequency play an important role in fine classification and has now become the mainstream of fine grading equipment. Compared with mechanical high frequency screen, electromagnetic high-frequency screen not only delivers the vibration but also plays a role in clearing network for its unique exciting way transforming vibration by hitting the screen, so the electromagnetic high-frequency...