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Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to critically analyze the marketing decisions made during the planning and execution stages of Coca Cola’s emergence and ongoing operations within the Indian Market.

The research draws attention to the fact that Coca Cola believe the India is the largest growing market for them. Further investigations reveal Coke has been able to diversify, aggressively promote and increase market share since it’s emergence in India in 1970. However by the same token Coke has been heavily criticised for its operations within the country. Inquires into criticism concluded Coke have allegedly overused and contaminated numerous water sources in their bottling areas in villages that depend on the important catchment.

The report evaluates the Coke as a company, using the current analysis, including current market needs and competitive factors, to conclude its successfulness in India. It was concluded that Coke will remain a successful company in India, despite current controversial headlines, based on a recent report outlining Coke’s strong financial position in the region. The report states it will be essential for Coke to demonstrate environmental awareness, vary promotions, diversify their product range to suit customer needs and apply approaches to mend current hostility with the corporation and certain Indian locations in order to improve it’s company image and improve profits.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Current Market Situation 3

3.0 Critical Evaluation 6

3.1 Corporate Social Responsibility 6

3.2 Competitor Analysis 7

3.3 Product Innovation 8

3.4 Change In Strategic Position 9

4.0 S.W.O.T Analysis 10

5.0 Conclusion 11

6.0 Recommendations 11

References 12

1.0 Introduction

Coca Cola’s emergence into the Indian market has been a controversial and, at times, successful one. Over the past 30 years,...