Team Charter Analysis

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Team Charter

Tara Tucker

MGT 521

John Ferrante

A team charter is important in the respects of having everything organize in the beginning of a project. Britannica defines charter as, “a document granting certain specified rights, powers, privileges, or functions from the sovereign power of a state to an individual, corporation, city, or other unit of local organization” (charter, 2010). Using the charter provided, it is broken down into four parts; team ground rules and guidelines, expectations for time management and involvement, ensuring fair and even contribution and collaboration, and special considerations. Every person on the team needs to be responsible for a section to formulate what will be best for the team and final project.

In dealing with the first section of the charter, team ground rules and guidelines, one will feel that Tara will best person to complete this section. According to the Jungian personality test, Tara’s score is ENTJ. This means that she is outgoing, a visionary, argumentative, has a low tolerance for incompetence, and often seen as a natural leader. (Pearson Education, 2007) These qualities are very useful when one is trying to getting every person to follow set rules and guidelines during the project. With her having the quality of being a leader one would feel that she could direct the group and come up with rules and guidelines for the team.

With the second section of the charter, expectations for time management and involvement, one would fell that Stacey and Lashaun would be the best people to complete this task. Stacey’s score from the personality test is ESFJ. This means that she is gracious, has a good interpersonal skills, and eager to please. (Pearson Education, 2007). These are good qualities because this section requires communication and she embodies qualities of a good communicator. Lashaun’s score from the personality test is INFP. This means that she is reserved, creative,...