Dairy Processing Equipment Market - Global Analysis and Industry Forecast 2014 – 2020

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Dairy processing equipment is utilized for processing of milk to make different products such as butter, cream and cheese among others. These equipments help to increase the output, reduce time for packaging and labor cost. These equipments have widespread applications such as processing, manufacturing, pasteurizing, transporting storing, packaging activities of dairy products. Dairy processing plants include equipment such as complete process lines, plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, ultra high temperature equipment, evaporation systems, cream churner milk container, storage tanks, butter churns and mixers. Raw materials required for manufacturing these equipments are stainless steel (SS) plates, mild steel rods, SS sheets, mild steel sheets, SS section and SS rods.

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There are three types of processing methods for dairy products including pasteurization, microfiltration and ‘creaming and homogenization’. Pasteurization is used to remove the harmful microorganisms from the milk. Currently, ultra high temperature treatment or ultra pasteurization is adopted for processing in which milk is heated to a high temperature for shorter amount of time. Different types of pasteurization used in for processing are batch pasteurization, DT platinum pasteurization and high temperature-short time pasteurization method among others. Microfiltration involves two processes i.e. bacteria removal and casein fractionation. These processes remove the microorganisms from milk and produces milk with longer shelf life. Creaming is the traditional method used for preparing cream for making butter. In homogenization, milk is subjected to high pressure which reduces the fat globules in the milk and thus controlling the fat percentage in the milk products.

Increased adoption of efficient technologies by dairy product manufacturers and automation provided by the equipments is...