Project Management

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Summary of the content I have included in my term paper is

Introduction of project manager

My project experience working in group which include

Our meeting Management

Scheduling and project planning

Stress management

Team Management

Quality work

The most important is My Understanding from the course




Definition of Project management:

Project management is planning, organizing, controlling company resources for a specific (short term) that has been established to achieve specific targets, goals and objectives.

The project is mainly executed by group of team members forming a Project Team which undertakes the responsibility of completing particular task within specific time, cost and resources. For the execution of a project to undergo success proper co-ordination, planning and most importantly good communication skills among the team members is very much essential.

The main responsibility of the project manager is the successful completion of the projects assigned to them in a limited budget .This is what the most challenging task assigned to the project manager and their group. With the help of this course I learned how to strategically manage projects to meet various objectives in business. This has greatly helped me in building my personal ability to interact with the people and improving my management skills.


I consider my experience to be a unique and a very interesting one.

Unique because, since the day one itself the people were divided among different groups and the unique feature of these groups was , it consisted all different people majoring in different fields. This is a very unique experience I had and will always be remembered.

And interesting because of the coordination the team members which helped us to complete the project with great ease and complete satisfaction.

Working in a team greatly helped me in sharpening my knowledge, my communication skill...