Medical Ethics: Abortion

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Medical Ethics: Abortion

. The controversial subject of abortion has existed for such a long period of time and has never been resolved, nor will it ever be. People range from extreme opposers, to extreme supporters, and everywhere in between. The decision is a difficult one to make, but in my opinion abortion is not an acceptable procedure. My idea is based mainly in my religious beliefs and the idea that even a life that small and young is still a life and no person has the authority to take that away.

I can see the opposing viewpoint and the reasons for which abortion would seem like the only option, such as in a case of rape, but I still believe there are other options and other ways of living with the circumstance without having to resort to abortion. I think a big solution to the issue of unintended pregnancy is simply taking responsibility to prevent it if you are not in a place to have a baby. There is also the possibility of adoption so that there would be time to firmly decide whether or not the person can keep the child, rather than making the immediate decision of getting rid of the child before it becomes a “problem” in that person’s life.

On the topic of whether abortion should be legal or not, I wish that abortion could be illegal in any case, but keeping it legal does make more sense in the context of legal rights and allowing the woman to make the choice themselves. It also prevents people from dying and harming themselves in any way because they are desperate to get rid of their baby but cannot do so legally.

A main cause to the rates of abortion is a lack of awareness among people of all ages. Many teens don’t realize the consequences of their actions and can become pregnant on accident, and they then make the decision to abort and may sometime in the future gain more understanding and regret their decision. Many women older than that seem simply to be unaware of what they can do to prevent pregnancy, and abortion would seem a...