Bus 430( International Business Law) Complete Class All Dqs, Individual & Team Assignments

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BUS 430( International Business Law) Complete Class All DQs, Individual & Team Assignments

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Week 1 :

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BUS 430 Week 1 Individual Assignment Comparative Law Worksheet

Use the worksheet on the student Web site to compare the three major types of law, Civil, Common, and Islamic. Your responses must provide 1 or more origins for the type of law, 5 or more regions in which that type of law is practiced, and a 30-50 word summary of the characteristics of that type of law.

Week 1 DQ1

What are some differences when doing business internationally opposed to domestically? How do international business risks differ from domestic business risk? What factors influence these risks?

Week 1 DQ2

Why do corporations need to be concerned with human rights issues when conducting business internationally? Who are corporations accountable to – the government of their home country, the host country, investors, or the public? What is the rationale for your answer?

Week 2 :

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BUS 430 Week 2 Individual Assignment International Law Memo

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word training memo addressing the following (or you may also write in standard APA essay format):

· Describe the components of international business.

o Trade

o Licensing agreements and intellectual property rights

o Foreign direct investment

o Managing risk

· Summarize principles of international law.

o International law

o General concepts

o International organizations

o Social responsibility and corporate code of conduct

Week 2 DQ1

What is the Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)? What is...