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Affordable Life Insurance

Section 1: History:

The purpose of this bill is to ensure that every family is properly protected and wall is financially free in case they lost a loved one whose income is needed. It is more important for a family to have life insurance verses an individual with no family. This bill will override all ages and individuals to have life insurance for the protection of their selves and families. Life insurance has been around since ancient Rome. Not everyone is properly protected and financially covered by life insurance. Families by pass the fact that life insurance is much needed and makes a difference to have. “Over the past couple decades, something alarming has been happening. The percentage of people signing up for life insurance is on the decline. Only 40% of adult Americans have life insurance. Of widows and widowers whose spouses died prematurely (between the ages of 30 and 55), only a quarter felt their spouses had adequate life insurance (” why do several families and individuals walk around without life insurance? Is it because they think they will never encounter issues to lead to unexpected death? The answer is probably because they don’t know the importance of life insurance or may feel like they cannot afford it or probably haven’t even gotten around to thinking about it. Well, life insurance is important to have and very much needed. Some people may feel that life insurance is only for the coverage of a loved one’s death. Yes, that is part of the reason, but not fully all of the reason life insurance is necessary. It is expensive to pay the cost of the funeral, but we don’t realize that until it happens to you. The government will ensure that every company goes down at least 10 to 30% on their current whole life policies. Term insurance is affordable without reduction, but will be left up to the individual applying for the coverage if they want term or whole life insurance.

A. Definition of Life...