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Chapter I


The first step in becoming a college student is the enrolment, hence it will be the gauge of the students in making their first impression on what will their college life be. If the enrolement is difficult students will think that their life in college will be full of difficulties and might be discourage in pursuing their dreams of attaining a college degree.

Based on the results of the survey given to the students and instructors, the enrolment system of ACLC-Tacloban had been observed to be slow and inconvenient. Even during the 2nd week of the school calendar some students are still not yet done enrolling the subjects they need. Others are given subjects with conflicting schedules. Some complains about having some subjects that they have already taken. Students especially those who are irregular, commented that most of the subjects that they should take for the semester are already closed.

In order to minimize the problems stated above, the researchers came up with an study entitled “Automated Subject Load Evaluation/Enlistment of ACLC College Tacloban”. The study considered the current process of the school and how this process can be improved.

Aside from the problems stated at the second paragraph, other circumstances that were considered in designing the proposed system are the lack of manpower to accommodate all enrollees and the tedious task of scanning the print out of subject schedules in formulating a good if not the perfect class schedule of a particular student. These factors cause enrollment delay, which is disadvantageous to the enrolment personnel, the enrollees and the school.

If this ASLEACT is to be implemented the persons who will benefit from this are the students, parents, instructors and the school. The students can view the subjects that they can enrol during the semester at home. The problem with inconvenience will be solved and the process will also speed up. ASLEACT also allows...