Advantage of Internal Recruitment

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Advantages of internal recruitment

- Gives existing employees greater opportunity to advance their careers in the business

- May help to retain staff who might otherwise leave

- Requires a short induction training period

- Employer should know more about the internal candidate's abilities (= a reduced risk of selecting an inappropriate candidate)

- Usually quicker and less expensive than recruiting from outside

Disadvantages of internal recruitment

- Limits the number of potential applicants for a job

- External candidates might be better suited / qualified for the job

- Another vacancy will be created that has to be filled

- Existing staff may feel they have the automatic right to be promoted, whether or not they are competent

- Business may become resistant to change; by recruiting from outside, new perspectives and attitudes are brought in

|Advantages |Disadvantages |

|Internal Recruitment |Cheaper and quicker to recruit |Limits the number of potential applicants |

| |People already familiar with the business and |No new ideas can be introduced from outside|

| |how it operates |the business |

| |Provides opportunities for promotion with in |May cause resentment amongst candidates not|

| |the business – can be motivating |appointed |

| |Business already knows the strengths and |Creates another vacancy which needs to be |

| |weaknesses of candidates |filled...