Bus 415: Grocery, Inc. Paper

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Grocery, Inc. Paper

University of Phoenix

BUS 415: Business Law

January 25, 2010

Grocery, Inc. Paper

A business contract sets the tone and provides the provisions for any conglomerate. Ranging from a small mom and pop to a multinational corporation. Possessing a written contract that states the terms and conditions of a business agreement will aid in avoiding any misinterpretations. Grocery Store Inc. is not foreign to these types of transactions as the grocery chain has written contracts for various vendors in the past. Clients for Grocery Store Inc. range from Individuals to corporations overseas. Team B will expound on various scenarios that occur that can be predetermined just by reviewing the written contracts provided to an agent.

Commercial Impracticality

Grocery Store Inc. partnered with a lucrative company named Masterpiece Construction to restore and repair one of the many locations on Main Street in My town. The project had a completion date for six months. Masterpiece Construction agreed to complete the task proposed by Grocery Store Inc. within the six month period. Underhandedly, Masterpiece Construction subcontracted the job to a company named Build Them To Fall. Grocery Store Inc. was unaware of the new agreement initiated by Masterpiece and Build Them To Fall, as it was not a part of the original contract between Grocery Inc. and Masterpiece.

Ultimately, Grocery Store Inc. has petitioned the court for an injunction and sued Masterpiece for a breach of contract and specific performance. The breach of contract occurred when Masterpiece subcontracted the job to Build Them To Fall without proper consent from the principle. The specific terms within the contract are solely between the principle and the agent. Grocery Store Inc. did not permit a third party participation at any time.

Masterpiece refuses to accept responsibility for the mishandling of the assignment and argues that there is a right to delegate and...