Advantages and Disadvantages of Project Management Software

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Project Management Software

The main advantage to using project management software is that it eases the

complex organization process of a project. Projects are made up of numerous

tasks, many of which are inter-related. The software allows a project manager to

input these tasks, and the computer is then able to organize them into

schedules, budgets, and reports. Tied to that, project management software

provides the benefit of a system that records, stores, and recalls all details of a

project in one place. This is useful throughout the duration of the project, and

also serves as a historical record once the project is complete. Once project

information is inputted into the program, the software acts as a tool to analyze

information in various ways. Finally, project manager software assists a project

manager by easing the communication of progress to other parties through

reporting features, data sharing and e-mail.

There are two main disadvantages of project management software. First, in

order to benefit from project management software, the user must have an

understanding of the project management methodology and vocabulary. Most

project management software packages rely on this as a prerequisite. Unless the

user follows basic planning and task definition steps, the software will not be of

any benefit, and may, in fact, complicate the project.

Second, the information that a project manager inputs into the software is likely

to change throughout the course of the project. Reports and analyses produced

by the software are based on the data entered in the planning phase. As

problems occur and things do not go as planned, the information stored in the

softw1are is no longer valid. Consequently, a project manager using software

must enter any changes into the computer as they occur, and re-generate

analyses and reports. Some project managers feel that this adds to their

workload, and outweighs the benefits of...