Doing Business in India

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2. Political system:

Republic of India is a federal state comprises of 28 states and 7 union territories. The government type is multiplayer system. The multiplayers are:

1- The Executive:

The president of the India is Head of country and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. An electoral college composed of members of both the Houses of Parliament Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha and the legislatures of the nations constituent States elects the president each five years.

The vice president who elected by Electoral College composed of members of both the Houses of Parliament.

Prime Minister who is appointed by the president and got majority support in the Lok Sabha. Also he/she performs most of the executive powers. (Indian embassy)

2- The Legislature:

The power of Parliament can make laws for any part of territory. The Parliament in India has tow branch:

A- Rajya Sabha (Council of States). It has not more than Two hundred and fifty members; president nominates twelve members, and the rest are elected.

B- Lok Sabha (House of the People): it has Five hundred and forty-five members; Five hundred and thirty are directly elected from States and Thirteen from the seven Union Territories. The President nominates two members. . (Indian embassy)

3- The Judiciary: India has three integrated levels of judicial; Consists of the Constitutional Court, headed by the President of the Constitutional Court in India, twenty-one Supreme Court, and a large number of trial courts. It has the power to issue and opposes laws of the state laws that are inconsistent with the Constitution.

4- Election Commission: it is an independent statutory. The Election Commission is responsible for the control and superintendence of the electoral rolls for all elections to Parliament.

The dispute in Kashmir with its nuclear neighbor Pakistan increased the volume of the armament versus focusing on the development of infrastructure. In addition, the government...