Mens and Womens Shaving and Hair Removal Uk 2014 - Industry Size, Share, Trend, Strategy and Growth

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Retail value sales in the shaving and hair removal market stagnated in 2013; however, a focus on new product innovation has seen the category return to growth. Expanding into new and niche areas such as male body hair removal, laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) home devices among others presents an opportunity to retain sales growth in the market.

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Table of Content


Products covered in this report


Executive Summary

Market growth returns in 2014

Figure 1: UK best- and worst-case forecast for value sales of shaving and hair removal products, 2009-19

The ageing UK population poses a threat

Shaving preparations increase share of launch activity

Figure 2: New product launches in the UK shaving and depilatories market, by product type, 2011-14

Three quarters of hair removers choose wet shaving

Figure 3: Hair removal methods, June 2014

Razors innovations top NPD interest

Figure 4: Interest in new product development, June 2014

Young women remove pubic hair to feel attractive

Figure 5: Attitudes towards body hair, June 2014

What we think

Issues and Insights

Men’s body hair removal becomes a focus for the market

The facts

The implications

IPL, laser and hair retardant products threaten the market

The facts

The implications

Trend Application

Trend: The Real Thing

Trend: Extend My Brand

Trend: Life Hacking

Market Drivers

Key points

Ageing population threatens the market

Figure 6: Trends in the age structure of the UK population, by gender, 2009-19

Salon beauty spend falls

Figure 7: Trends in proportion of people spending extra money on beauty, June 2010-June 2014

Over a quarter took a beach holiday in 2013

Figure 8: Last holiday type, November 2013

Figure 9: Mean annual temperatures and sunshine hours, summer (June-August)...